AppZapper 2 full review

Because we review two squillion new Mac applications each month, we’re probably more excited about tools that help you remove programs than most. Without them, our Macs would be clogged up with half-removed apps, orphan *.plist files and weird Automator code. And, even worse, pointless menu items that appear when your Mac starts. Who needs those? Who?

So, AppZapper, we like you. We’ve been fond of another tool called CleanApp (which recently graduated to version 3) and AppZapper reminds us of what CleanApp used to be like, before it became all macho and industrial-strength.

It’s a simple tool with a clean look and feel. You drag programs you want to remove to the bit that says Drag Apps Here, AppZapper does a search of your drive and suggests which files to remove and then you click Zap!. All gone. We like to remove programs we want to keep, then reinstall them again just so that we can use it.

Then there’s Hit List: an application browser similar to Add/Remove Programs in Windows. You can see at a glance when an item was installed, how much you use it – and zap applications at once.

There are other cool features. Go to the My App menu entry and you can drag and drop program items you want to keep to a library window. Here you can store licence information on little cards. It’s like having two cool applications in one tiny package.

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