Aquafadas MotionComposer 1.5 full review

MotionComposer is tool for creating Flash or HTML 5 animation via a mainly graphical-driven interface. This consists of a main working area- the Main Edition View- for assembling elements (components) of the animation, including text, images and rectangular shapes, and an Inspector panel for editing their properties. An image manager tracks how many instances of an imported image are used in the document and can also be used to automatically replace or apply a non-destructive crop to any of the assets. Animation is powered by a graphical timeline - the Slide List- where each slide is a stage in the animation.

Individual ‘states’ that make up the slide can be added by clicking a plus icon in the Slide List, and then components can be added to each within the Main Edition View. You can move, resize or adjust the properties of the components on states and the application will subsequently animate the changes automatically.

New slides can be added to the sequence and transitions are available to smooth this action. There’s some welcome automation; when you add media to each new state of a slide for example, agreeing to a pop-up option will apply an effect to the new state and hide all previous media in one step. Effects are dependent on the type of component - for example text can be animated to appear or disappear by glyph, word, line or paragraph. Easing can also be applied to smooth or add character to animations. Start and End actions can be added to the animations, such as Open URL or run JavaScript, while choosing the Digital Publishing option allows you to embed and trigger the sequence when exported for use InDesign or Digital Publishing tools.

Flash is the default output, though HTML 5 output is included for compatibility with webkit browsers on iPhone and iPads. An option to export the animation as a Widget for embedding in iBooks has also been added in this version. You can preview the animation in HTML5, and in a browser once published, using dedicated buttons on the interface.

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