Arrange 1.3.2 full review

Arrange is a window manager that combines some of our favourite features from Divvy, Cinch and SizeUp, helping you to quickly reposition and accurately resize open windows.

Click Arrange’s menu-bar icon or press its main keyboard shortcut and a grid of pre-defined window layouts appears in the middle of the screen. Select one and the selected window is resized and repositioned to match that layout. Fourteen of the sixteen available presets represent specific window sizes and positions. The other two let you zoom the window to fill the entire screen or centre the window.

As you move the cursor over each preset, Arrange displays a full-size preview – a blue overlay that shows what each preset will do. This is useful but you can’t change the colour if it doesn’t show up against your desktop.

Arrange includes an additional window-wrangling feature. Drag any window against the edge of the screen and let go. The window is resized to half the size of the screen. You can make a window completely fill the screen by dragging it against the top of the screen.

Arrange brings the jobs of half a dozen one-trick apps into one place

Although Arrange includes some of the best features from other utilities, it misses a few too. It doesn’t include an Undo command, so once you’ve used Arrange to move or resize a window, you can’t restore it to its original size or position.

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