Auction Sieve full review

A handful of brands define the internet era. Amazon is one, Google another. And this illustrious group would not be complete without at least a nod towards eBay – the auction site that began as a message board for Pez collectors and grew into a mult-million dollar ecommerce giant.

Curiously, there are more eBay tools for the Mac than other platforms. Full-blown listing applications such as iSale and GarageSale, sniping tools like JbidWatcher, and Auction Sieve, the strange tool under scrutiny here.

We say strange because Auction Sieve actually replaces eBay’s default search tools with a distinctly unpretty alternative. Why would you even need a program that searches eBay for you, when the site itself does such a good job of processing your keyword queries?

The answer is selectivity. Auction Sieve enables you to search eBay in a highly targeted way, returning only the results you’re interested in. Only want to see auctions ending in the next two days, within a specified price range? Auction Sieve obliges. Want to search for Buy It Now items or confine your query to eBay stores? You can do that too. You can even exclude specific sellers from your searches.

When you’re ready to bid on an item, you select it from your results and go to eBay to complete the transaction. That might sound like a faff – but it’s the most secure option. At no point does Auction Sieve ask you for your account details for either eBay or PayPal.

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