Big Mean Folder Machine full review

We’d like to register a protest under the Trades Description Act. The Big Mean Folder Machine is neither big or mean. In fact, it’s really rather small and polite, helping you to organise your disparate files and folders with minimum mess and fuss.

The wizard-driven software enables you to do one of two things. You can either join multiple folders together into one new folder or split big folders into smaller directories. Sounds simple – and it is simple – but it’s also very useful when you’re working with an unwieldy drive full of photos, videos or MP3s.

Of course, you might decide it would be quicker and more simple to make a new folder and drag files to it in finder – or create smaller directories manually. But Big Mean Folder Machine does one thing that you can’t do; it can, and will, automatically recognise and rename duplicates. You choose to overwrite them or rename them with a suffix attached to the end as you combine or split folders. Which, all in all, is handy stuff.

With Folder Machine’s wizard settings you can create a bespoke batch of file copying or moving processes, so it’s welcome to have a preview mode that checks whether your configuration will work before you commit to creating it. That’s particularly important when you can consider that the software can be set up to delete old files if you tell it to. Bearing this in mind, one thing we found conspicuously missing was a kill-switch; a panic button to stop the copying routine midway and return things to the way they were. Once it’s set in motion, you’re stuck with the results.

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