BreakTime full review

Scientific studies suggest that spending too much time sitting down is bad for you. These reports also claim that taking short breaks away from your desk every once in a while may offset some of the downsides. Designed with this in mind, BreakTime dims your screen at regular intervals and displays a window to remind you to stop working.

During your break, a small pop-up indicates how much time is left until you can get back to work. When the time is up, click Done and the timer starts counting down until your next break. Repeat, ad infinitum.

BreakTime’s streamlined interface is both attractive and non-intrusive (when it doesn’t need to be) – you can disable the program’s Dock icon, its menu bar icon or both. There are options to adjust how long your breaks are and how long you have between them. Activate its Magic reschedule feature under Preferences > Advanced and BreakTime will detect when you’re away from your computer, and put off your break until you start working again.

Should you want to reschedule your break manually, simply drag the app’s slider to your desired time. If you’re in the middle of a thought when the box pops up, you can click the In A Minute button, and if you’re working to a deadline you can turn BreakTime off entirely.

BreakTime reminds you to take a break, but you can delay it if you need more time

If you fear that you’re delaying breaks a bit too much, you can enable the app’s Enforce Break feature. This prevents you from clicking the Done button before the timer is up and doesn’t let you switch away from the program. You can also choose to disable the In A Minute button to really keep yourself on schedule.

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