Caboodle 1.3 full review

Sluggish response from Caboodle

Caboodle also tends to grow increasingly sluggish as you add more entries, hanging for several seconds after each new entry is created, and sometimes taking a short while to display even simple text entries. According to a post from Sinclair on Caboodle’s excellent online help forums, the program’s current version has to re-account for every single entry every time a new one’s created; a future version will fix this problem and speed things up.

Another known bug turned up on the forums: the inability of the toolbar’s optional Bold and Italic buttons to toggle that formatting off once it had been applied. Sinclair posted that a fix is coming, but the issue is low on his priority list. (I noticed that Sinclair had promptly and thoroughly answered all the questions in Caboodle’s help forum—impressive customer service.)

Caboodle touts the ability to add custom icons to categories and entries, but again, using this feature doesn’t feel as simple as it should. Copying or dragging image files into a designated “well” at the top of each entry yields tiny, hard-to-distinguish icons. And when I tried to copy and paste an icon directly from a file’s Get Info window in the Finder, Caboodle gave me a blank icon instead—the result of incompatibility between the Finder, a Carbon app, and Caboodle’s Cocoa underpinnings, Sinclair said.

A basic text editor lets you create bullet-pointed lists and tables within Caboodle entries.

The program is well integrated with Mac OS X’s Services menu, letting you send highlighted text or selected documents straight to Caboodle from other programs, or pipe content from Caboodle into Mail, Safari, or other Services-friendly apps.

It’s also easy to securely encrypt entire entries or individual categories, and Caboodle gives you the welcome option to view encoded files without fully decrypting them. Caboodle has no Mac OS X help files, but does link to its handy forums and a useful online guide.

[Nathan Alderman is a writer, copy editor, and digital pack rat in Alexandria, Va.]

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