Caffeine 1.1.1 full review

Caffeine’s a nifty utility that keeps your Mac awake. It stops your computer from automatically dimming its screen, starting a screen saver or going to sleep when you’re not using the cursor or keyboard.

It’s useful for watching movies, giving a presentation, or reading a long document. Simply click Caffeine’s menu-bar icon to switch on a ‘sleepless’ state and when you want to revert to your Mac’s normal state, you just click the icon again. Your normal Energy Saver settings never change, but your Mac stays wide awake whenever you need it to.

This latest version has added options for timed use. If you right-click (Control-click) the Caffeine icon, you can activate Caffeine’s no-sleep feature for a set amount of time: five, 10, 15, or 30 minutes, or one, two, or five hours. After that your Mac automatically returns to its normal Energy Saver behaviour.

If you use one of these durations regularly, you can change the default behaviour so that clicking Caffeine’s icon activates it for that specific duration.

Caffeine keeps your Mac alert, even when you’ve set up sleep options in Energy Saver

One complaint we’d heard is that Caffeine doesn’t prevent a Mac laptop from going to sleep if you close it. For example, if you want to shut the lid while using a second display. The developer tells us that Caffeine simply isn’t designed to prevent sleep in this situation

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