CCleaner full review

PC users may be familiar with CCleaner already. It has long been the safest, fastest add-on tool for removing temporary files, Internet cruft and application specific rubbish from Windows. Now there’s a Mac version. It’s every bit as good as the original.

We may sound a little surprised and, truth be told, we are. Mac OS X and Windows have some similarities in the way they handle temporary data, but there are also many, many differences. What we expected was a tool that was a cut down version of CCleaner;  a version with all the PC specific bits simply excised.

CCleaner for Mac is much more than that though. While it does have those common features, it also has a raft of Mac specific cleaning tools too. So, in addition to cleaning out your temporary Internet files, cookies and download history across browsers, you can also repair disk permissions, clean out log files and update the font registry. Particularly handy for the Mac, CCleaner monitors new application installation and gives you a list of programs you can uninstall.

It’s ludicrously easy to use too. There are two modes; Analyse and Clean. The first generates a list of stuff you can safely delete, the second gets rid of it. You choose which applications to scan or clean with check boxes.

CCleaner has finally made it to the Mac

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