CheckUp [MAC] full review

As you switch from one system section to another, App4Mac’s machine monitoring tool CheckUp rotates in 3D on your screen. Its chrome-effect dials twitch while an ersatz oscilloscope monitors your Mac’s activity. For a program that crunches numbers, this is one slick piece of kit.

And, to be fair, it has to be. There are several tools for monitoring system performance out there already. CheckUp has more than just handsome looks though. Divided into sections, the first shows you your Mac’s profile. There’s nothing you won’t find by selecting ‘About this Mac’ in the Apple menu, so we’ll move swiftly on to the System section. There you can see applications you have available alongside a handy chart telling you what versions of Mac OS your system is capable of booting.

Skipping over to Processes, you can see what’s in memory and, crucially, how much is allocated to each program. You may be surprised to see how many megabytes some background apps leech from your system. To see the overall load imposed on your machine, a quick click spins the 3D cube again – and a meter shows you how much RAM you have free.

You can also monitor processor loading and disk usage, but the most powerful tool is CheckUp’s notification system. When things are running hot, drives are low on memory, or bandwidth hits a bottleneck, the software tells you. You can do with that information what you will – though a visit to the tools section and a swift clean-up of your disks may provide the solution you need.

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