CleanMyMac 2.0.2 full review

Reducing your Mac’s clutter definitely helps you have a problem-free computer. To this end there are a number of useful apps, most of which are either freeware or open source. I’ve used OnyX and TinkerTool for many years and the likes of AppCleaner and Monolingual also have their place within your utilities folder. But does CleanMyMac 2 offer more than the various single-feature apps?

First impressions are good with a really professional looking user interface, a complete facelift from its predecessor. The left-hand sidebar hosts the various tools leaving the rest of the window free for lists and information.

Clean machine: scan completed, see how much space can be saved and click on Detailed Results for more info

A click on the Scan button sets the Automatic Cleanup mode into action, analysing the system and reporting back on possible savings. A click on Clean can finish the job or more info can be found in the manual System Cleanup results. The lists are pretty comprehensive: language files, user cache files, development junk, universal binaries, system log files, user log files, system cache files, broken preferences and broken login items can each be deselected. Even better, each category has a full set of results too so that individual files can also be deselected. 

Beyond the system, CleanMyMac 2 can examine various other aspects. Data hoarders will find Large & Old Files useful as it shows obsolete or oversized items and uses Mac OS X’s Quick Look feature to let you see what they are. One of the biggest data hogs, iPhoto, has a dedicated cleanup module where dupes of photos in the various libraries can be found and deleted. 

Time to go: the uninstaller details exactly where each file is currently stored

Uninstaller is also a cut above the rest with options for complete removal or application reset which leaves the preferences – useful when an app starts misbehaving. There’s also a ‘leftovers’ tab that finds the files left behind previously. Perhaps all that’s missing is an archive option for safety’s sake.

Possibly the best feature has been left until last: the Extensions Manager. To be able to access all system-based extensions in one central repository is brilliant – everything from plugins for Spotlight, QuickTime Player, Quick Look, iTunes and the internet to Safari extensions, Login Items, Preference Panes and dictionaries. Enable, disable or delete, all in one place.

Plug ’n’ play: all system plugins and extensions are accessible from one window

To ensure that important items are never at risk there are two ‘ignore’ lists: a default, invisible one (which includes standard Mac apps among others) and one that you can add to. Both can be made visible for checking purposes. This goes a long way to avoiding the problems of, for instance, getting rid of extraneous languages from an app and then finding that the removal has circumvented its security and rendered it unlaunchable. Being able to see which languages are installed on an app-by-app basis would be useful as would a viewable list of the ignored items. 

CleanMyMac 2 can be configured to a fine level, everything from which items are included in scans and setting a reminder schedule to automatically uninstalling an app that’s being trashed and a warning when the trash exceeds a certain limit.

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