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We discovered Comics by comiXology first on the iPad, a natural home for digital comics. But not everyone has an iPad or iPhone – so we were pleased to discover the same great application and service is also available in a cross-platform web browser version.

Comics by comiXology is part shop, part comic-reading application. If you’re a comic fan, it’s an addictive combination. With over 30 publishers supported, including big-hitter DC, there’s more than enough to choose from in the easy-to-browse interface. You can search by keyword or drill through categories and publishers to find your chosen title. The experience is very similar to Apple’s App Store on OS X and iOS. There are also sections for Same Day As Print, and New and Noteworthy, which are great for finding the newest and most popular comics.

Once you’ve bought a title – and there are lots of free comics to try too – you can access them straightaway, full-screen, using the service’s built-in comic reader. Online, it’s a smooth, Flash-powered tool that allows you to read through comics panel by panel; though you can read a page at a time, this method is by far the best way to follow the narrative action. It’s great on a MacBook, but maybe not quite as good on a desktop machine.

When you buy comics they’re automatically added to a library called My Comics, so you can go back and read again if you want.
Comics are now well into a period of transition from analogue to digital. The big superhero publishers resisted at first, but now even they are embracing the medium. Like the music and film industries, they were pushed along by piracy.

ComiXology enables you to buy and instantly enjoy the pick of digital comics

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