Compartments full review

Compartments is a tool for creating a inventory of your home contents. Our first thought was that you’d have to be a particularly obsessive kind of person to want a database listing every item in your house, room by room.

Then we started to think about the uses for such a tool – busy families needing to know where everything is kept; landlords and tenants requiring a formal inventory. Communal houses where everyone needs to know who owns what. Moving house? You’ll need one too.

Compartments enables you to list everything you own. You add locations to its database and smart collections to organise items by type. Two classifications exist side by side – so your widescreen TV will be listed in both Living Room and Electronics categories. You can track when the warranty for goods will expire, keep a record of where you bought an item and how much it cost. Images can also be included.

A couple of related features further impressed us. The data can be stored in MobileMe or Dropbox for backup or access anywhere, which also means you only need to buy the program once to install it on any Mac. Although it’s already available on the App Store, Compartments is in need of an upgrade. Mention of MobileMe should be all the clue you need – it’s due to shut down for good in June next year.

Searching your house for lost possessions is easy with Compartments

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