Compost 1.9.1 full review

When was the last time you emptied the trash? As long as unwanted files are sitting in your Mac’s Trash, they’re taking up disk space and slowing down your system. If you’re the kind of person who forgets to control-click on the Trash icon and select Empty Trash then Compost might be of use.

Compost automatically empties the Trash can when a predefined limit has been reached. This can be measured in time, percentage of disk space or file size. So, for example, you can make Friday the day to take out the rubbish and Compost will empty it for you every seven days.

The interface is unfussy and functional, confined to a series of configuration dialogues. Primary behaviour is set up in the Defaults section, while further settings can be applied to each volume connected to your machine. You can configure how different files are treated by the system – electing to delete files according to filters. Finally, there’s a utilities section where keyboard shortcuts can be set.

Perhaps most usefully, Compost lets you set the security levels for file deletion. Conventionally deleted files can sometimes be recovered – but not if you Secure Delete them. The same option is available from your Mac’s Finder, of course.

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