Daylite 3.7 full review

Contact manager Daylite continues its evolution towards perfection with this point release. Capable of connecting to just about any existing contact database, Daylite is a slickly executed replacement for your address book, time management and calendar apps. Unique in looks and staggeringly intuitive, it remains one of the best productivity applications for the Mac.

The core calendar, contacts and project management features are intuitive and impressive, but Daylite hides considerable networking power under this friendly interface. Built on OpenBase SQL 10, you can network the database over your company LAN. Back-ups are easy to perform and everyone in your organisation can use the same tools to manage projects and contacts.

In version 3.7 there are several updates worth shouting about. Leopard compatibility came with 3.6 – but this time around there are new add-ons for connecting to other applications. You can integrate Daylite with MoneyWorks, FileMaker and LightSpeed, extending Daylite's productivity and workflow. There are also new, industry-specific templates that speed up database building. Creative types are well served with layouts that target film and video, photography and design businesses. You're also in luck if you're in property or sales – not a sentence you read often these days.

In the latest release, fast syncing improves network database synchronisation over the net. Other speed tweaks include better handling of Word documents and interface improvements.

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