Delicious Library 2 full review

Delicious Library is a database for recording the data about books, CDs and other items you own on your computer. The categories and items are quaintly represented as wooden shelves, with your stuff displayed virtually on them.

There are several applications for Mac OS X dedicated to cataloguing collections, but none of them has Delicious Library’s unique selling point. Combine it with a webcam – or digital camcorder – and you have your own instant barcode scanner. The software scans the item, compares it with Amazon’s product database and fills in all the details for you automatically. There’s no need to enter tedious descriptions, navigate menus or create categories, although all those tools are available if you don’t have a webcam attached to your Mac.

We admit that we were a little sceptical about this, but in practice Delicious Library’s video scanner works brilliantly. You don’t even have to scan the entire barcode – just hover it over the handily placed on-screen target and ‘bleep!’ you’ve added another item to your library. The software also works with dedicated barcode scanning hardware.

Cleverly, Delicious Library also allows you to sell items on Amazon with just a couple of clicks. There’s no direct eBay integration – though eBay client iSale 5 enables you to import items direct from Delicious Library’s database.

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