Drive Rescue II full review

Occasionally the machine may fail to boot, or you might accidentally delete an important file, so if the worst comes to the worst, Data Rescue II could be the solution. Made by the same folks who developed Drive Genius, Data Rescue boots direct from CD. Once the application’s loaded you can choose to proceed in Assistant or Expert mode – though either route’s easy to follow.

Choose from a quick or thorough scan. A quick scan should take minutes and retrieve data from deleted and corrupted files. If that doesn’t work, try the thorough version. In both cases Data Rescue grinds through the raw data on your drive, recovering all types of files. The application doesn’t stop at your hard drive either. It can recover data from attached drives and devices, including PC formatted disks, removable hard drives, digital media cards, cameras and your trusty iPod. Crucially, it does all this without making any amendments or changes to your original drive. Data Rescue doesn’t attempt to repair your disk directly, it simply recovers the data on it.

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