DTerm 1.5 full review

Mac OS X may have an easy-to-use interface, but it’s built on Unix, which means it also has a shell – a command-line interface. Most Mac users who’ve accessed the shell, have done so using OS X’s Terminal utility. If you frequently use Terminal for just quick tasks, check out DTerm, a nifty utility that provides instant access to a Terminal-like shell interface from within whatever application you’re currently using.

With DTerm running press a user-defined keyboard shortcut and a small, command-line dialog appears on the screen. Type or paste your command and press return, and the command or program is executed, with any results displayed just below. When you’re done, press Escape, and DTerm disappears – you can get right back to work. DTerm is ideal for simple commands and for running command-line programs that don’t require much interaction.

You can cycle through previously used commands and their results by clicking the small left and right arrows at the top of the results display. If you’re running a shell command while working in a document or application, there’s a good chance the results from that command are important. DTerm allows you to copy from the shell and paste to the Clipboard.

DTerm is ideal for quick and simple Terminal commands

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