DVD Hunter full review

DVD Hunter is a new entry in the burgeoning field of media database tools. It’s impressive for three reasons; it’s fast, accurate and free. We like free.

Here’s how DVD Hunter works. Launch it for the first time and you’ll see an empty window waiting to be filled with all the details of your DVD collection. It’s not as daunting as it looks. All you have to do is click on New Movie and type in the DVD title. Select the Autocomplete button and DVD Hunter connects to Amazon online, pulling a selection of titles from its database. You pick the closest match and all the remaining details are filled in automatically – from a description of the disc to its duration. The software even pulls a thumbnail image from Amazon’s servers.

Once the movie has been added it appears in DVD Hunter’s main library. You’ll notice two further sections alongside the default library. The Borrowed section lets you flag up which DVDs you lent to your mates – pulling their details direct from your Mac’s address book. You can track when you lent it out and even put a ‘due date’ on the item to remind you to chase it up. The Wishlist is, of course, for DVDs you want but don’t yet own.

The application also enables you to make your own lists – like iTunes playlists – so you can organise your collection further. A Smart Lists option is also available, enabling you to automatically create playlists from any of the information categories DVD hunter stores – from genre to IMDB rating.

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