ESET Cybersecurity full review

Even though the security threat is low your Mac can harbour viruses and spyware in spam attachments and seemingly legitimate documents. While most won’t work on Macs you might pass on the infection to a PC on your network or via email.

ESET Cybersecurity is a combined antivirus and antispyware tool. It not only scans your Mac but removable media, virtual machines and Time Machine backups too. 

One of the downsides of security software is often the power they leech from the CPU. Cybersecurity wasn’t too bad; a full system scan maxed out at about 50 per cent of the CPU, but at all other times it idled around the 8 per cent mark. The initial scan of a 250GB drive took a couple of hours and found 26 potential threats.

These were all infected spam attachments that were intended for Windows users, but it quarantined them nonetheless.

Overall, Cybersecurity is a good tool and the interface is definitely more Mac-like than some of the efforts we’ve seen. However, you do have to go digging for more advanced features.

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