Fantastical 2 full review

Fantastical is a handy desktop interface to any one of a number of calendar applications. It sits in your Mac’s menu bar, click the Fantastical icon and a calendar appears that shows the current month, with the current day circled. Dates with events – based on your chosen calendar program – display a small bullet, and upcoming events are listed below the calendar.

Fantastical works with any calendar in iCal, Entourage, or Outlook – including MobileMe, Google Calendar and Yahoo Calendar accounts. iCal doesn’t even need to be running. Fantastical can communicate directly with CalDAV servers, which is a feature unique among similar utilities.

If you have multiple calendars configured in your calendar program, you can choose which of those calendar’s events appear in Fantastical.

Also useful is Fantastical’s ability to create new events without having to open your main calendar program. You can double-click a date to create a new event on that date, manually filling in the event’s details, but Fantastical’s standout feature is its natural-language event creation.

Natural language event entry is one of Fantastical’s killer features, making it easier than ever to stay organised

Click Fantastical’s icon, or the new-event keyboard shortcut, and type a conversational description of the event; Fantastical parses your description to fill in the details accordingly. Press Return and the new event is created.

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