Filerr 1.0 full review

With cloud storage and file sharing becoming the norm, Mac users work in increasingly mixed platform environments. While open standards for audio, video, documents and images make that easy on one level, there are some remaining idiosyncrasies. Filerr concentrates on one problem in particular: incompatible file names.

Even though we’re long past the days of eight character limits in DOS, Windows is still more sensitive than Mac OS X when it comes to naming files. There’s a range of special characters it doesn’t like, and as for spaces at the beginning of file names – forget about it.

When Filerr is running, you can set it to monitor designated folders on your system for incompatible names. When it roots them out, you can rename the offending files in Finder. Selecting the folders you wish to monitor is simple, and if you want to exclude sub-folders, that’s easy too.

The documentation wisely suggests that you don’t monitor your entire directory structure. That’s because a) you don’t really need to, and b) your Mac automatically generates files that Filerr would inaccurately include in its search results.

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