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Found searches a number of cloud based services for your files. It’s like Spotlight for online storage. The need for tools like this is on the rise as, increasingly, software becomes a service. Right now, it’s free to download from the Mac App store.

Found connects to several cloud based services, enabling you to search for files directly from your desktop. Once installed you can add Google Drive, Gmail, Skydrive, Dropbox and Evernote accounts to Found. Once added, Found spends a bit of time establishing a connection and configuring each service.You can also add local folders for Found to search. These appear in the results section in a category labeled “Mac”. 

With Found installed a couple of swift taps on the Control key opens a simple search tray. You can reconfigure the hotkey to something more to your preference, if you wish. Entering keywords begins a search of all your configured services simultaneously. The application returns results as you type (much like Spotlight) - listing the number of hits in each category. It seemed to be very responsive and fast in our tests.

There are a couple of very cool features worth highlighting. If you select an image or document, Found pops up a full-size preview of the item. This works in either desktop or fullscreen mode.

Free application Found connects to several online storage services and lets you search them simultaneously.

You can also drag and drop files directly from the search results to your desktop or to applications that support drag and drop. This is superb for finding and attaching files to emails or editing documents on the fly.

Found is currently quite a young application and its documentation suggests that features and support are in flux. The opening video that introduces you to the app makes no mention of Evernote support, for example. The configuration screen still has Google Drive and Google Docs icons too - which is redundant. They’re the same thing.

There were also another couple of glitchy issues that made the software seem more like beta than 1.2.5. Evernote authentication took a couple of tries for example. The software seems to perform full text searches on some services - Evernote, for example - but it doesn’t search within Word documents or the text of Google Documents. Authentication is glitchy in places and there’s a hard limit of 100 search results per service

There’s also one other significant omission. It doesn’t search iCloud at the moment - which would seem like a priority for a Mac application. We’re forced to ponder just how useful Found is without iCloud search. Dropbox and Google Drive back up locally, so can be searched using spotlight. Evernote search is welcome, for the subset of Mac users that have it.

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