GarageSale 6 full review

The shops on the high street may be boarded up, but there’s still one business that’s thriving. Users are flocking to eBay to pick up bargains and make a bit of extra cash. If you’ve been using the auction service to drum up some dosh, you’ll have discovered that creating listings can be tedious. GarageSale takes the sting out the process, with template-based tools that make it easier to post items.

GarageSale is part auction-authoring tool, part eBay-tracking program. With features that enable you to create listings in a visual document window, you’re given a high degree of control over the way your auctions look. And when they’re published online, you can track visits, bids and even get notifications direct to GarageSale. It’s a much more comprehensive approach than hitting the refresh button in your browser as the end of your auction nears.

We’ve looked at GarageSale before and some of the new features in version 6 show that it’s not content to stay still. There’s social media integration now, with Twitter connectivity. There are new and improved template designs too. Our favourite new feature is the ability to batch edit templates. If you’re selling several similar items – which you may well be if you’re using eBay for business – you can now update details across multiple listings.

For us, the template feature has never been the most attractive part of GarageSale. We like the fact that all eBay’s list settings are squeezed into one tabbed inspector box. On the site, they’re spread across several forms.

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