iNet full review

This network viewer and troubleshooter provides insight into activities occurring on Ethernet or WiFi networks. This includes Bonjour activity, active devices on the network, and an array of well-presented data for each WiFi base station on your network.

You can use iNet to extract information for setting up new services on a network. iNet provides live data about the performance of WiFi clients and base stations, letting you troubleshoot problems or figure out the optimal location for working on a laptop for example.

The Network Scanner reveals the device name, IP address, MAC address and detailed information about the device’s type and status for each device on your local network.

The Bonjour Browser displays detailed information about every Bonjour-enabled service on the local network – such as AirDrop.

The Network Scanner view lists every device connected to your local network

The Services view lists available services while The Hosts view lists every host announcing Bonjour services. Selecting a service reveals which devices are currently offering to perform that task. The well-presented information lets you determine if a piece of hardware isn’t offering something it should so that you can turn it off.  

AirPort Monitor shows the breathing patterns of your Apple-branded WiFi gear.

The WiFi Clients view is equivalent to the Wireless Clients view in AirPort Utility, but iNet offers a better dashboard summary, including Bonjour names and details about each device. The only flaw we found is the lack of persistent graphing data in the WiFi Clients view.

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