FileGuard X5 full review

The news recently has been full of stories of data security breaches. We’ve heard about lost CDs full of insurance details, laptops stolen from NHS surgeries and stray discs full of private addresses going astray. If these organisations had used Macs, they could have saved themselves a whole lot of hassle. FileGuard X5 is a quick encryption program that can scramble and password-protect any data on your machine.

With 256-bit encryption available under Leopard, FileGuard X5 makes personal data as secure as the password you choose during configuration. It’s easy to use too, with a simple wizard to guide you through when you start the software. It finds your installed email folders and chat logs, offering to encrypt them for you. You can also browse for and secure any folder on your hard drive that contains sensitive data. When you’ve selected the files and folders you want to encrypt you just pick a password and FileGuard does the rest.

Each category or folder is placed in its own ‘safe’. You don’t need to launch the application to access a safe, just double click on the new desktop icons FileGuard creates and enter the password when prompted. Safes are portable too, so you can pass secure data to colleagues on disc or by email. They wont need a copy of FileGuard to open the safe –
just the password.

The main application can be used to manage your secure data. You can return encrypted data to its previous, unprotected state, add data to existing safes or create new ones. They can be hidden for extra security. You can also allocate a specific
amount of disk space, from 1MB to 100GB.

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