Intego VirusBarrier X6 full review

Despite the occasional rumour, we’ve yet to encounter any serious virus threats on the Mac. Consequently, antivirus programs, such as Intego’s VirusBarrier, aren’t considered to be essential for Mac users in the way they are for most PC users.

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However, there are other threats – phishing scams and malware that attempt to steal personal data off your Mac, websites infested with dodgy scripts, and direct hacking attacks that attempt to gain control of your Mac over your internet connection. So, to provide more comprehensive protection – and better value for money – Intego has merged VirusBarrier with its firewall program NetBarrier to create this all-round security suite for your Mac.

As well as the antivirus and firewall functions, VirusBarrier X6 offers a range of features. These include the ability to detect phishing sites that might try to steal information from your Mac and a datavault that can prevent unauthorised users of your Mac from sending data, such as credit card numbers, over the internet without your permission. It scans for Windows viruses on a Boot Camp partition, and checks for malware on iPhones or iPod touches connected to your Mac.

The number of features crammed into the program means that the Overview window can sometimes look like the control panel of a jumbo jet, but the manual provided by Intego does a good job of explaining the main features.

In order to get users to buy newer versions, the software is only valid for a year. Previously, it would have kept working, but without the ability to catch new viruses.

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