Kaspersky ONE full review

There are a couple of products that include antivirus software for both Macs and PCs in a single package, but Kaspersky’s ONE goes even further by also including security software for Android tablets and a variety of mobile phones.

It’s a comprehensive package, especially for PC owners, who get the full Internet Security Suite, which includes antivirus and malware protection, along with features such as parental controls, and online identity protection.

The Mac software isn’t quite so extensive, as it focuses primarily on antivirus software. There’s still no significant virus threat to the Mac at the moment, so some people might consider this unnecessary. It’s worth remembering, though, that the software can also scan for PC viruses and malware that you might receive on your Mac and prevent you from accidentally passing them on to friends or colleagues who use a PC. The Mac software can also install an extension for Safari that can warn you about suspicious websites.

We doubt that any Macworld readers will be using an Android tablet, so we won’t go into the suite’s Android antivirus features. However, you might well be using a non-Apple phone, and the ONE suite does also include security features for Android phones, BlackBerrys, Nokia Symbian phones and even Windows Mobile. These features vary depending on the phone’s operating system, but they all get an anti-theft GPS tracking option similar to Apple’s Find My iPhone. Most phones also get antivirus software in order to protect against downloading dodgy apps.

Keep your Mac, smartphone and PC-using friends safe from viruses and malware

The standard ONE package costs £59.99 and includes a three-device licence that allows you to install it on three different devices, but there’s also a five-device license available for £79.99, as well as a free trial version that you can download from the Kaspersky website.

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