Keyboard Maestro 2.1.3 Review

Automating tasks with a series of keyboard shortcuts has always been a great way of speeding up your workflow. Keyboard Maestro takes that philosophy a step further.

You can design your own macro shortcuts then navigate your way through running applications, open windows with a program switcher, and also work with unlimited clipboards using a similar technique. Macros can be set up using all manner of keyboard combinations that best suit your way of working, but there are quite a few preconfigured options available when you first install the program.

A snappy interface allows easy navigation around the various toolbar options and set-up procedures. Highpoints are plentiful. Music fans will love the facility for controlling iTunes directly, even from another application without having to leave it. Keystrokes makes music management a doddle.

And it doesn’t stop there. Keyboard Maestro can be set up to automate any kind of task, ranging from the humdrum chore to essential system maintenance. This incarnation sports a host of new features too; perhaps one of the most impressive is the ability to import and export Macros. This makes sharing your most labour-saving Hot-Key combos easy.

You’ll also revel in options such as being able to replicate a button click or the simulate scroll-wheel option, which again means a much more efficient way of working on your Mac. The Macro Group, meanwhile, is a set of automated moves enabled for specific applications.


This effectively means that you can run untold programs with myriad keyboard combinations. The only downside to this is that you might end up forgetting what they all are.

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