Kiwi 2.0.2 full review

Kiwi is a user-skinnable Twitter client, neatly designed and with several features that make it stand out from the crowd. It lets you work with multiple accounts, browse saved searches, and even display saved profiles. The tab-enabled interface is a joy. If you prefer to see multiple views simultaneously though, you can tear off tabs into their own windows.

Kiwi offers other clever innovations, too. When you click a user’s avatar, a profile window flips down, using a slick animation, to display details about the user in question. The app also lets you create filters that you can use to highlight, stylise, or hide specific tweets.

As smartly implemented as much of Kiwi’s interface is, some of the design choices are frustrating. For example, when you double-click a reply message to see a full conversation, the discussion thread opens in a new tab. We’d rather see those conversations inline. We couldn’t find a way to navigate directly to a user’s profile in the app and ended up using the built-in search feature instead.

Kiwi has bespoke themes, filters and a compact tabbed interface

Also, once you’ve accessed a user’s profile, you can view that person’s recent tweets within Kiwi, but if you click the Favorites link to view that user’s favourited tweets, you’re instead taken to Twitter in your default web browser.

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