Knapsack 2 full review

Take the travel out of the equation and Knapsack is, basically, a project planner. The difference is, instead of jobs and projects you have trips and holidays. The rest of the metaphors will be familiar to anyone who has used any Getting Things Done (GTD) software. You start by creating a trip, then add as many days as it will take. Each day has a journal entry that enables you to add activities to guide you every step of the way. Activities are open – so you can use them to plan departure times or list things you plan to do.

You can also create to-do lists for your trip. These can be nested so, handily, you can create lists of things you’ll need for your trip. For example, many of the sample trips that ship with Knapsack include a packing list, so you can tick things off as you stick them in your bag. No more forgetting your passport or spare socks.

Knapsack has integrated map access using OpenStreetMap. This feature enables you to add those all-important locations to your journey. If OpenStreetMap isn’t enough, you can open locations in Google Maps too. When you’ve created your trip, you can sync the main events with iCal.

Don’t forget your toothbrush, or anything else for that matter. Knapsack enables you to plan trips down to the last detail

The tool’s usefulness doesn’t end after your holiday. You can add further notes, insert postcard pictures into each location and rate your trip. The app would be even better if, at this stage, you could share your experience more effectively, by posting to blogs or social media services. It’s bewildering those options aren’t already built in given that you can export to PDF and share trips manually by email.

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