Mac Pilot 2.3.2 full review

The Mac’s simple, no fuss interface was its major selling point for many years. After OS X though, users not only had simple graphic access to files and programs, but also advanced command line control over their operating system. Enter Mac Pilot. It frees all users from the tyranny of the terminal, with access to over 300 command line protocols through a menu driven interface.

Mac Pilot covers a lot of ground, so it’s no surprise to find that there are 14 tabs to choose from – covering almost every aspect of your system. There are Finder tweaks, enabling you to set up your desktop precisely how you like it. As you’ll discover throughout Mac Pilot, there’s a degree of fine control available you can’t find in Preferences. For example, you can enable or disable window animation – which you can do using the Mac’s GUI tools normally – but you can also set the exact size of the Finder’s hidden grid; the co-ordinates it uses to position icons within windows. These “woah, that’s cool” moments are frequent as you explore the software.

All these tuning tweaks are accessed within a simple, tab based dialogue with three way toggles that set parameters to on, off or disabled. Importantly, it’s as easy to reverse any change you make as it is to implement.

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