Mail Designer full review

If you crave desktop-publishing style control over email sent from Apple’s bundled client, then Mail Designer is for you. It enables you to build, or amend, rich templates complete with font choices, images and text positioning, so that your emails are no longer boring, plain text.

Ideal for producing newsletters, invitations and, let’s face it, spam, emails created in Mail Designer can be read in any email client. You can only send with Apple Mail, though, as Mail Designer isn’t an email client; it’s more of a design tool that exports to Apple Mail’s stationery format.

Mail Designer enables you to quickly create layouts with backgrounds, vector graphics and rich-text styles built-in. The tool’s templates make it even easier to get started, as most of the basic layout has been done for you. There are also some quite advanced features here. Layering tools let you build up sophisticated and intricate layouts, while grouping’s good for when collections of content become complex.

We’re unconvinced about the point of a tool that creates rich email layouts though. Although email clients are capable of viewing images and rich content, those features are often switched off by default. It’s annoying to have to enable image viewing on a case-by-case basis, or receive emails that don’t render properly because of a font that’s not on your system.

Mail Designer is a fully featured layout creation tool for newsletter producers

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