MainMenu 2 full review

Do you really need MainMenu 2? It’s another Mac maintenance tool that brings together application clean-up and Terminal script execution in one slick and simple interface. However, unlike similar tools Cocktail or CheckUp, MainMenu’s features are entirely accessible in one menu. Once installed, the application adds an icon to the menu bar where you can quickly get to any of its features. Divided into six categories, you can swiftly clean up, or troubleshoot, a Mac that needs it. And you can save time by grouping common maintenance tasks into convenient batches.

If you’re a veteran of Mac maintenance tools you’ll recognise most of the commands available.

In the System section you can universally reset file and repair file permissions, run clean-up jobs and wipe old cache files. The User section has similar features – allowing you to empty Browser cache and history, reset preferences and clean up user settings. These kinds of feature are common to all maintenance programs and help your machine run more smoothly.

What attracted us to MainMenu 2 are the features that enable you to get your Mac out of sticky situations. From time to time, we all get stuck looking at the spinning ball of death, waiting for a program to wriggle out of some recursive loop. MainMenu 2 extends your options beyond selecting Force Quit. You can force an application to restart, eject drives and discs that have stopped responding and relaunch the Finder, Dock or system menu bar. You can even restart AirPort.

In short, MainMenu 2 is the ultimate IT department tool, enabling you to apply the universal remedy for fixing anything that ails your Mac. It lets you switch things on and off again.

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