Meander 2.1 full review

Meander is a tool for planning and measuring routes but unlike most similar apps that aim to please motorists, this one will appeal to those going on foot or by bike. It’s quite basic, but that actually turns out to be one of its main strengths.

Select a map, either from the web or a scan, and plot your course. Easy. You basically trace a chosen route over a map using a series of mouse clicks within the confines of a translucent Acetate layer window that sits on top of the image. This window can be duly resized to fit any kind of map dimensions. This instantly allows you to see the distance involved based on the unit of measurement you’ve chosen. You can also save these routes and come back to modify them at a later date, which proves handy for anywhere you wish to revisit, albeit in a slightly different direction. Hikers, for example, can stockpile an invaluable archive of pre-defined routes.

There’s not much of an interface on show. Meander basically consists of a simple Acetate toolbar that acts as home for your measurements in miles or metric units. Alongside that there are Snapshot, Hide Scale, and Modify/Lock tools plus a Measurements option for more detailed plans. There’s a Journal area for note making too. The ability to add objects such as text labels, distance markers and even images to your route is great. Version 2.1 has some modifications; revised Preferences, tweaks to unit options and minor bug fixes. The Preferences now gives the user a much better sense of control with a variety of pen tip options such as engineer, highlighter, or magic marker.

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