Meteo full review

It may be something to do with the unnaturally cold winter we’ve been having, but monitoring weather systems has become something of an obsession for us.

Your Mac ships with a handy forecasting widget built into the Dashboard, providing updates on temperature, current weather and a five-day forecast. But we’ve found something much more comprehensive. Oh, yes.

Meteo – also known as Meteorologist – uses the same data hose that feeds your Mac’s weather widget, but it grabs much more data. In addition to current temperature and conditions, you get the ‘Feels like’ temperature (which takes wind chill into account), visibility, pressure, humidity and wind data. Meteo even pulls the latest satellite picture of the weather system over your chosen city. You can also change the units used to measure temperature, distance, speed and pressure.

Meteo feeds you frequently updated weather data for as many areas as you like. Handy in these unpredictable times

Meteo’s best feature is that you can configure it to serve up data from multiple cities. The uppermost in the list will display in the menubar, but you can switch between them easily using a drop-down menu.

Our only grumble is that it fails to combine this flood of weather data with the attractive graphics you find in your Mac’s weather widget. Instead, you access most of the program’s information through a series of nested menus. We’d love to see a combination of the two.

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