MindView 3 Mac Edition full review

MindView 3 Mac Edition is mind mapping software aimed at business and teamwork settings. For some, ‘blue sky thinking’ sessions or ‘idea showers’ (brainstorming) are the ideal way to conceptualise projects – and MindView 3 (formerly known as OpenMind) gives you the tools to do this.

Instead of getting out the flipchart and marker pen, MindView 3 enables you to create branching mind maps or flow control charts using ready made templates. Organise your team’s thoughts using timelines, top down hierarchies or traditional branching brainstorm views. Clip art and predefined layouts enable you to theme the maps – adding a bit of pizazz to the board meeting or classroom.

You have a lot of control over the appearance and structure of the created map, adding specific icons and text notes, making connections and creating hierarchical levels. Every part is editable, fonts selectable, and colours can be changed. It’s a very powerful tool for the task it’s been created for.

When you’ve finished your map, it can be exported to an number of formats – including PDF, PNG images and, that office favourite, PowerPoint.

We have one issue with the marketing of MindView. The blurb on the site says that it’s based on the “proven Mind Mapping theory”, but there are plenty of studies that contest the usefulness of mind mapping. If it works for you though, it works for you.

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