Missing Sync for iPhone full review

Any Mac user who owns either a BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile device is likely to be aware of MarkSpace and its Missing Sync software.

The Missing Sync programs are renowned for filling in the considerable gaps in iSync. The ability to take all your Mac’s information and effortlessly sync it with a third-party mobile device has meant Missing Sync has long been a vital purchase for owners of both kinds of kit.

MarkSpace was at pains to point out to us that its Missing Sync for iPhone would be a vital purchase for owners of Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices looking to migrate to an iPhone. And, as former BlackBerry users, we dug an old one out, reset an iPhone, and tested it out with this in mind.

Missing Sync for iPhone installs a System Preferences plug-in that works in tandem with the sync in iTunes. But where it comes into its own is via a Migration Assistant that enables users of other mobiles to move over to the iPhone.

Running the Migration Assistant is straightforward enough: it consists of a 10-step checklist to sync the BlackBerry with your Mac, and from then on to the iPhone.

The installation does require you to download separately Missing Sync For BlackBerry (or Windows Mobile), which you can use free for 14 days unregistered. We did find this part confusing because one of the first things the Migration Assistant does is ask you to download a second program. Your serial number doesn’t work in this second program and you are expected to click on ‘Skip Registration’.

MarkSpace has created a rod for its own back with this needlessly confusing process. Surely it would have made much more sense to incorporate aspects of Missing Sync for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile into the main program.

The rest of the program is a breeze, though. One key advantage of using Missing Sync for iPhone is that as well as syncing your Address Book and Calendar; it also takes your SMS messages and notes over from one phone to another. This will be a real boon to a power user who wants to keep all their phone records and SMS chats.

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