full review offers a full complement of tools for promoting and managing your business. Moobiz' business toolkit is broken into six major applications – Contacts, Calendar, Projects, Website, Billing, and Ledger – and you can choose which of these applications you want to enable.

Each application can have a number of other associated sub-applications enabled as well. So, for example, if you choose to use the Projects tool you can also add to-do lists, cost proposals, a document repository, and time sheets.

Moobiz lets you easily create professional-looking invoices, import transaction data from your bank, and understand your company’s financial status. Unfortunately, Moobiz can’t automatically import your banking data. Moobiz’ websites look pretty basic and there are few customisation options, but it takes very little effort for you to create product pages to make your inventory available to your customers.

While Moobiz offers a large set of features, some are rather rudimentary or don’t work in ways you might expect. For example, any calendar items and meetings you add are displayed in a calendar listing on your Moobiz home page, but don’t appear on the Moobiz monthly calendar – unless you click the date, you have no idea that there’s anything scheduled for that day. Meeting notes can’t currently be linked to existing customers or projects, so you end up with disparate bits of information that aren’t bound in any obvious way. Hopefully, future versions of Moobiz will help you link this information in useful ways.

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