Mouseposé 3 full review

Wooden batons are old news. Even laser pointers have had their day. They’ve gone the way of blackboards, whiteboards, flipcharts and overhead projectors. With your Mac hooked up to a video projector – or even a decent-sized, flat-screen monitor – Mouseposé 3 is all you need to bring focus to your presentations.

The idea’s simple. Turn Mouseposé on with a key press and a circular area around the cursor is highlighted while the rest of the screen in dimmed. You can edit the radius of the highlighted area, change how sharp or blurred the edge is and alter opacity. Click and a red circle highlights the part of the screen you’re on. With a two-buttoned mouse, right and left clicks can be differently coloured. Your application continues to run in the background, so it’s ideal for demonstrating how software works live.

The software also prints your keystrokes to the screen, ideal for showing keyboard shortcuts in training – or for typing instructions as you go along.

Like most software available for digital download, a licence for Mouseposé 3 can be bought within the program. Though a trial version should be available, the instructions for activating it don’t match the options on screen. However, you can run a demo of the program without buying a licence.

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