NetworkLocation 3.0.5 full review

AppleScripts and NetworkLocatio

Some application actions can also be set to revert to previous states when you leave a location; a launched program can also be configured to quit automatically, if desired. For more advanced opterations, you can also trigger AppleScripts and execute command-line (Terminal) commands.

System actions include turning AirPort on or off, changing the time zone, modifying display brightness, and connecting to servers. You can configure system actions to change a setting to specific value when you leave a location, or to simply revert to the previous setting.

Unfortunately, only a few programs have direct support via the built-in Application actions; this is where AppleScript comes in handy. For example, I use Mailsmith for e-mail, so although Mailsmith actions aren’t directly available, I can use AppleScript to change mail status from disabled to auto-connect and to trigger a check for new email.

When I changed location, NetworkLocation figured out I had entered a Starbucks for which I’d previously set a trigger.

Locations are paired with triggers you define using the AutoLocate feature, which uses particular bits of data to define where you are. Specifically, AutoLocate uses four types of triggers: your physical location, determined using Skyhook Wireless’s Wi-Fi positioning system; the name of any Wi-Fi network you join; whether or not your Mac is connected to an Ethernet network (and, if so, the IP address you’re assigned); and any connected USB devices. Each of these triggers is optional: you can define one or all four.

Once you define one or more triggers, you choose what happens when a given set of triggers is matched. Locations and actions can be linked one-to-one—for example, to switch to your At The Office location whenever the Office parameters are met. Alternatively, you can define the locations for various cafes you frequent, and configure NetworkLocation to automatically switch to your Cafe profile whenever it detects one of those locations.

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