OmniFocus 1.7 full review

Like Check Off, Omnifocus is a task manager that allows you to create lists of items – called Actions – to do. And, like Check Off, these can have notes attached and be part of a larger set of tasks, called Projects in this case.

But OmniFocus goes further, using a philosophy known as GTD (short for Getting Things Done) to streamline the workflow of your task management.

GTD is easy to follow once you’ve got the basics down. You put all the things you have to do into an Inbox. From there, you go through a systematic process of categorisation. The main GTD workflow is assigning priorities – from things that must be done right now all the way to things that don’t really matter. Curiously, OmniFocus doesn’t give you an easy way to do that – so a couple of minus points there. What it does do is enable you to sort items into Contexts – which is just a way of determining where the work should be done. For example, you may have a context for work that needs to done at your computer, then a secondary context below that for emails.

Actions can be assigned due dates easily and, yes, alerts pop up to remind you. The best thing about OmniFocus is that it enables you to choose a way to look at tasks that suits you. Lists can be sorted by Project, Context, Due Date and whether they’re flagged. The most powerful method is revealed when you click the View icon, though.

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