OnyX 1.9.7 [MAC] full review

Mac OS X is a powerful operating system with state-of-the-art features. Command line aficionados know this better than anyone – with access to Unix tools that can be used to perform clean-up and security functions that help maintain your machine’s performance.

OnyX provides you with a menu-driven interface to these features and functions, alongside a choice selection of integrated disk management tools.

Start it up and OnyX verifies your disk for you, checking for errors. So far this is nothing you can’t already do with Disk Utility, but clicking on the Maintenance section takes you deeper.

Here you can see file permissions and fix them if necessary, run maintenance scripts, and rebuild some of your Mac’s index files.

All these routines should help your machine perform at its optimum level and they’re especially worth running if you’ve noticed your Mac slowing down of late.

Next up, the cleaning pane enables you to target and remove redundant files from system, internet, font and user folders, cleaning up old log files while you’re at it.

It’s a quick way to clean up space and, once your disk has been re-optimised, will also contribute to your Mac’s speediness.

The Automation section includes more clean-up tools and you can access the manual for your command line in the Utilities section.

For our money, though, the most powerful commands are in the ‘Parameters’ section, where you can tweak OS X, the Finder and other features to work smarter and harder. You can turn off flashier features, change your browser behaviour and change log-in behaviours.

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