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The Mac OS X dock is a simple thing of beauty: unobtrusive, easy to use and always there. The problem is that on a well-used machine it can soon get a little crowded. You can prioritise as much as you like, but there never seems to be enough room for all your favourite programs. That’s where Overflow comes in.

Overflow is an application, folder and document launcher with a difference. It isn’t a dock replacement. In fact, it sits in your existing dock, ready for launch at any time. Click on it and you get a grid of categorised icons that you can edit. The first time you launch the application you will get a blank canvas with a category named untitled. You can easily rename this category to anything you like, and then add further categories.

For example, you might create a category for games, one for creativity tools and another for current documents. To add items to categories you simply drag and drop them into slots in the grid in a similar way to using the dock.

The next time you want to open that document or application, open Overflow and click on the icon. And that’s about it. It’s simple and flexible, giving you fast access to your favourite applications, directories and documents. The main window is full resizable too, so you can fit as many icons as you like into a category.

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