Parallels Desktop 6 Switch to Mac full review

Switching to a Mac can be a challenge, even for the most IT-literate Windows user, but Parallels has a solution that enables you to make a painless move to Mac OS X. This switcher edition of Parallels Desktop ensures that you can move all your documents, movies, pictures and music with ease.

Parallels has included a high-speed cable that allows a simple plug-and-go route from your PC to your shiny, new Mac. Even with this cable, you don’t truly have to leave Windows behind. Parallels Desktop 6 lets you run Windows without the need of an annoying reboot and right within Mac OS X (providing you have a Windows installation disc).

T he Switch to Mac version ensures that you can move all your documents with ease

Another useful feature of Parallels Desktop 6 Switch to Mac is on-demand video tutorials, designed to help a Windows user who’s clueless regarding Macs learn their way around OS X’s sleek, innovative operating system. Multiple view modes also help users gain familiarity at their own pace. So Full Screen, for example, lets you replace the Mac desktop with Windows, while MacLook makes Windows applications look like native Mac applications.

Parallels also includes reference cards. Although informative, we wouldn’t say that many people would take the time to read through them, and at first glance when opening the box, the average, new Mac user may feel slightly bewildered by a random cable, some reference cards and a CD.

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