Parallels Transporter full review

When you’re moving from Windows to the wondrous world of Mac OS X, you’ll want to ensure that you bring along your documents, photos, music, web bookmarks and other valuable data. Enter Parallels Transporter, available on the Mac App Store at an unbelievable price of £2.99. Simply install the app, run it and let the transporter do its job.

Parallels Transporter gathers all the information from your PC and offers to transfer the information via a wireless network or external hard drive. Then Parallels Transporter transfers your files and, at the same time, moves the data to the correct folders on your Mac.

There’s one caveat: Parallels Transporter is designed for those who want to give up Windows and solely run Mac OS X, as opposed to Parallels Desktop that allows users to run Windows and Mac OS X side by side. However, Parallels Transporter will let you transport your Windows software to a virtual machine on your Mac; then you can purchase Parallels Desktop and run Windows without the hassle of installing software again.

What’s nice about Parallels Transporter is the simplicity of the whole process and, as with many Windows programs, you don’t have to do one of those tedious reboots once the transportation of your files is complete.

Parallels Transporter makes the move from Windows to Mac pretty painless

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