Path Finder 5 full review

Path Finder 5 is Finder, but with extra bits. Now in its fifth, award-winning incarnation, it’s the power user’s file-management app.

As well as all the usual Finder features you’ll find a Dual Pane File Browser feature that enables you to view folder or disk contents side by side for easy comparison. There are web browser-style tabs and bookmarking tools, so you can have multiple windows open and navigate quickly to the folder or volumes that you use the most. There are also better options for file sorting and filtering – including the ability to list a folder’s contents by file type only. Actually, there are so many features that are different from the usual Finder that we’d struggle to fit them in here. Suffice to say, you’ll have fun exploring them.

One of the strongest features, for us, is the ability to instantly get full information on selected folders and files right there in the Finder window, rather than having to click through to the Get Info dialog. You also get information you don’t see in Finder – such as the Unix permissions for files. With Terminal integration you can quickly navigate to and open a folder in the terminal too, or open a Terminal window directly in Path Finder.

We were also impressed by a number of things you can do with files directly within Path Finder. For example, select a folder and click the Burn icon to quickly back up files to optical disc.

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