Power Manager 3 full review

It’s more important than ever to conserve energy. The common-sense solution would be to simply turn off your machine when it’s not in use. UK company DssW has had an even better idea – its Power Manager 3 software switches your Mac on and off for you.

If you’re a casual home user, chances are you simply switch on your machine when you need it and turn it off when you’re done. But office users, design professionals and Mac addicts could be leaving their machines running longer than is necessary.

That’s where Power Manager 3 earns its spurs, enabling system operators to create automated profiles for machines that will switch them on five minutes before needed in the morning, and power down at clocking off time. Schedules can also be created to send Macs into sleep mode during low activity periods, such as at lunchtime.

Once installed, Power Manager 3 runs in the background all the time, and can be accessed from your Mac’s menu bar. An assistant helps you to set up common schedules for lab, office, school, or museum. Alternatively, you create your own schedule from scratch by clicking the Add button. Power Manager not only switches the target machine on or off, it can also restart a machine, log out the current user periodically (handy for security purposes) and go into sleep mode.

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