PresSTORE 4.2 full review

With Lion offering auto-save and cloud file storage features to complement Time Machine, it looks like consumer backup tools have a fight on their hands. But PressSTORE is in a different class. Aimed at Mac-based enterprise, this is industrial-strength backup, synchronisation and archiving across Windows, Unix and OS X, across networks.

Modular in structure, the software’s sold at a number of price points. The full version we trialled, PresSTORE 4.2 (you can buy Archive, Synchronisation, Backup and Backup2Go modules individually) boasts quite a few improvements over the last version. These include desktop notifications, a common scheduling tool across all modules and log file integration.

PresSTORE can archive to tape – still the medium of choice for many mid-sized, data-intensive businesses – which is cost effective but cumbersome. PresSTORE’s cross-platform, browser-based approach makes it a bit easier, but this still isn’t a solution for consumer use. The new backup rotation feature enables you to define a tape pool; PresSTORE picks an available tape to write to, for added security. PresSTORE can work with a range of storage types, though, from tape to any attached disk volume.

Navigating through archives and backups is almost as easy as looking through Finder, with the ability to select multiple files or folders. It offers a searchable index and support for thumbnail previews of media and image files. In this point release, there’s additional meta-data support, so if you’re archiving files with embedded descriptions or device data, this is now searchable too. And PressSTORE is looking a lot better too, with revamped icons. Don’t let these relatively new usability features fool you though. PresSTORE is still a heavy-duty tool with a heavy-duty price.

With a usability revamp and new features, PresSTORE remains one of the most robust wide-area backup solutions there is

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