Prezi full review

If dark clouds gather when you think about firing up PowerPoint or Keynote, Prezi could be the cure. Yes, it’s a presentation tool – used in education and business to visually illustrate team talks, seminars and world domination plans – but it’s kind of different.

While other presentation tools use screens or cards, Prezi presents you with one huge blank canvas. Stage one is to add information to your presentation. This can be text or simple graphics, which can be generated using Prezi’s built-in tools. You can import media; images, sound clips and video, building up a collage of all you’ll need to make your point. You can zoom in and out of the canvas as you work or grab and drag to reposition it on screen.

Then comes the clever part. While other presentation tools commit you to a strict, linear order, with Prezi you just draw a series of paths between each section. Every time you click, a new node is added. You keep going until you’ve created a path between all your presentation points. When you play it, Prezi smoothly zooms in so that your block of text, image or video

fills the screen. Click to the next point and it travels there seamlessly, whizzing past any intermediate points as it goes. It’s easy to use, intuitive, creative and the results are stunning.

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